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Juice Charger

Juice Charger

Juice Charger

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The World's First Truly Wireless Charger.

Meet the world's first wireless magnetic power bank. Newly designed to guarantee the days of worrying about wires in walls are history. Juice will be there for you when you need it most!

No Wires. No Worries.

  • Always keep your phone fully charged
  • Never worry about carrying cables
  • Perfect for when you're on the go
  • Works with all devices that support wireless charging including Android devices


1. Power

2. Snap

3. ⚡️

Keep Your Phone on 100% All day, Every day.

Are you tired of being let down by your phone's low battery health? Frustrated by your phone turning off in crucial moments? Imagine never experiencing the stress of a low battery ever again as Juice™ offers maximum satisfaction at the lowest prices. With the Juice™ your phone will be on 100% all day, Every day. Juice Charger

Wireless & Magnetic!

Juice™ is the world's first magnetic power bank. The magnets enable you to simply snap it on the back of any phone and it becomes a part of the phone. With Juice's wireless charging, it will keep on charging your phone whether you are using it or not. Juice Charger

No Wires. Ever.

The days of wires and bulky power adaptors are over. The Juice™ has strong magnets built into it so it never falls off your phone, no matter how hard you shake it. A regular power bank is very hard to handle; you have to carry its cable around with you and is completely uncomfortable for the user to use the phone and charge it at the same time. With the Juice all your worries will go away.  Juice Charger

The World's smallest power bank

The compact design allows you to conveniently fit the Juice™ into your pocket or handbag whenever you're on the go. As it is extremely small, you wouldn't even feel it when it charges your phone.  Juice Charger

Fastest Power Bank on Planet Earth

Unlike any other power bank in the world, the all-new Juice Max® has a 10000 mAh capacity which charges your phone 2x faster than the rest (literally). This means that not only is Juice™ convenient to own and use but it is also faster than your average wired power bank. Juice Charger.

 Longest-Lasting Power

Charge Juice™ once, and it can last up to days without use before having to charge it again. Once you charge the Juice your worries about battery health will completely go away as the Juice has you taken care of Juice Charger.


  • Wireless Output: 15W
  • Cell Capacity: 5000mAh/10000mAh
  • Size: 2.7in x 2.5in x 0.4in